The latest Bound2bMessy release teams up Fi Stevens and Ariel Anderssen in Art Class in our more ‘cultured’ take on sploshing with Fi as the art teacher who ‘paints’ her life model Ariel with sticky toffee syrup and black treacle and then washes off the ‘earthy’ tones with custard.

There are several aspects I especially like about the scene. The toffee syrup running off Ariel made a lovely ‘waxy’ pattern and the black treacle over Ariel’s creamy ass which pooled over the soles of her feet and toes. Unusually for us we left in quite a bit of the feet footage as we are not big feet fans but this time it looked cool.

Art Class

This was a tricky one to shoot and was very stop/start with a lot of unnecessary dialogue cut from the final edit  and leaving the focus on the slow sensuality of what Fi was doing to Ariel.