It is widely known in splosh circles – and if it isn’t it should be – that I am a huge fan of filling knickers and tights.  I love the sight of gloop plooping into panties and gunge filling up a girls pantyhose.

So every now and then we shoot some material that is not only shamelessly indulgent but also hot stuff if you like spaghetti trailing down a girls leg as it escapes from her panties.

First up is Sammie B Gets Pantyhosed with the lovely Sammie B naked aside from a pair of fetching tanned tights (note how I switch from ‘tights’ to ‘pantyhose’ and then back again, clever stuff eh?) in which we pour orange gunge, custard and squirty cream down them to produce some evocative bulging!  Sammie is playful, sexy and flirtatious and our ‘over the shoulder shots’ giving you the best seat in the house as we pour the goo into her tights.

Kelly is next and a virgin at knicker filling.  The premise for filling Kelly’s panties was could we pull her knickers down just with the weight of the porridge and spaghetti dumped in them? As a plot device this was a tad thin and and it was more about having some fun in her panties and get some nice close ups of the action – well its not always about the ‘art’ with us you know.

So if you like your wam centered on a girls nether regions then this  double feature of pure panty filling heaven is just for you 🙂

Lets Fill Them Up!