It’s welcome back to an old favourite but with a brand new Messy Angel and WAM virgin the lovely Chelsey!

And it’s an old favourite with a difference as we reboot the format and add a degree of peril for our hostess Jess.

You know the premise of the game. 10 questions and if you get a question wrong its the choice of either stripping or sliming.  We have three colours of slime to pick from and Chelsey is nervous, excited and not above insulting Jess if our hostess celebrates Chelsey getting a question wrong a bit too much.

There is quiz shaming, cheating and Jess getting the giggles over the answer to one of the questions.

But will Jess dodge the peril that lies in wait or will Chelsey let everyone down?  Only one way to find out…

Strip or Slime the Reboot – Messy Angel